Navigating Samsung Washing Machine Error Codes

Comprehensive Guide
Encountering an error code on your Samsung washing machine can be a perplexing experience. However, understanding these codes can be your first step towards resolving the issue. This comprehensive guide will shed light on the most common error codes and their meanings.

Samsung Washing Machine's Most Common Error Codes:

4E / 4E1 / 4E2: Water supply issues. Make sure taps are fully open, and hoses are free of kinks.

5E / 5E1 / 5E2: Drainage complications. Verify the drain hose for blockages or obstructions.

UE: Unbalanced load detected. Try redistributing your laundry evenly or adding more items.

3E / 3E1 / 3E2 / 3E3 / 3E4: Motor-related problems. The drum may not rotate due to motor issues.

LE: Door lock issues. Ensure the door is firmly shut; if the problem persists, the lock mechanism might be faulty.

DE / DE1: Door not closed properly. Check the door for any obstructions.

HE / HE1: Water heating error. The machine cannot heat water to the desired temperature.

SE / 5E: Water draining error. Examine the drain pump and filter for obstructions.

8E: Overcurrent error. There's too much current to the motor.

tE: Temperature sensor error. The thermistor might be malfunctioning or not properly connected.

bE: Motor speed sensor error. It may be due to a faulty motor or motor sensor.

OE: Overfill error. Too much water in the machine.

PE: Pressure switch error. The machine can't detect the water level.

CE: Communication error between the main board and the sub PBA.

E2: Jammed key. One or more buttons on the control panel are stuck.

Keep in mind that the above list is not exhaustive. Samsung may have unique error codes for specific models, and new codes can be introduced with newer models.

While many error codes suggest straightforward solutions, there are times when expert intervention is the safest choice. If you've attempted common troubleshooting steps without success, it might be time to call in the pros.

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