Troubleshooting Guide:

Thermador Refrigerator Not Making Ice?

Here's What You Can Do
Discover the reasons behind your Thermador refrigerator's ice-making troubles and explore simple solutions to get it back on track. From basic checks to potential fixes, our concise guide will help you resolve common issues and enjoy the full functionality of your Thermador appliance.
Section 1: Verify Basic Operation

  • Ensure the ice maker is turned on.
  • Check the freezer temperature for optimal ice production.
  • Inspect the door seals for proper functionality.
Section 2: Time and Patience

  • Allow the ice maker sufficient time to produce ice (24 to 72 hours).
  • Be patient while the ice maker reaches its maximum production capacity.

Section 3: Water Filter Maintenance

  • Understand the importance of a clean water filter.
  • Replace the water filter every 6 months with genuine Thermador filters.
How to change the Thermador Refrigerator Water Filter see here
Section 4: Water Inlet Issues

  • Troubleshoot possible causes for water inlet problems.
  • Clean or defrost clogged tubing and adjust water pressure if needed.
  • Consider professional replacement if the valve is faulty.
Section 5: Ice Maker Malfunction

  • Know when it's time to seek professional assistance.
  • Contact our Thermador service experts if troubleshooting doesn't resolve the issue.

If you're unable to pinpoint the cause of your Thermador refrigerator's ice maker malfunction, don't worry. Our experienced technicians are ready to help. Book a convenient technician visit through our online platform, and we'll promptly address the issue, ensuring your Thermador refrigerator makes ice like new again.

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